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Sunday Caffeine - Life Audit

David Sherry
1 min read

Whatup Artists, welcome back. Somehow I'm still in the desert.

Each medium provides me a different outlet, a different perspective on the same ideas. I pick up my phone, record audio, add to Soundcloud, "lock" and put it in my bag.

Grab mySonyA6300x, snap a wide image, tether the wifi to my editing app and crop, export and upload to Dropbox to share with a client. Then grab a screenshot while reading, crop it and it's exported to with an arrow and a highlight.

It's all unfolding, this is the world now.

A quick life audit.

Curate well this week. Every blank space doesn't need to be filled or be pressured to be filled. Focus on effectiveness and keep things simple. Don't let the train run ahead of itself... breathe or take a step back from the easel.If I caught you on last week's stream, to me it was the most productive yet. While it's labeled "no agenda" it appears to be a conversation that is ongoing and develops with every week and every new perspective shared by our guests. It's an unfolding process and a sharpening of our collective and individual eye.

Speak with you soon, and see you,

xx David