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Sunday Caffeine - Distortion Bubbles

David Sherry
3 min read

Hey, Hey Morning er.. Evening?

Back to earth.

Time well spent: Run/walk outside (Earth Day).
Time with friends for dinner (Baco' = Bread Tacos)
A gallery show... more Mad Men episodes.

I'm looking to purchase the full script to read it end to end but it appears the only way to do that is at the Writers Guild Foundation's Library up by Canters.

Apparently, the whole thing is just sitting there on an iPad! Time to get my glasses and library card out.

Right now I'm posted up a the Ace Hotel.

I like it here.


Distortion Bubbles

They are unseen forces driving us, like a gravity, towards or away from something that we can’t seem to help.

Like Love.

Have you ever known someone in a terrible relationship but for some reason they just can't see it?

They think the person is so cute or handsome, and that they are the most amazing person and if only others could see it?

They overlook the flaws, the emotional abuse...

Because something inside of them can't see things for how they are.

They're caught in a distortion bubble of the sub-conscious.

And instead of seeing things for what they are, they filter it in a way that keeps them stuck where they are. This happens in our relationships, our work, our creativity. Pretty much anywhere where we feel a compelling need to justify.



When you're trapped in a net,the more you struggle the more you get wrapped tighter.

But for distortion bubbles, freedom is often just simply seeing it differently.

The problem is you've made the situation so huge in your mind that it's warped and refracted and made out to be something it's not.

And isn't it always so clear to others?

If someone asks you for advice we're eloquent and have all the answers.
But when we turn the magnifying glass back on us...

We can't see it. Or we can but it's too tangled and complex.

So what's the fix here?


Back to Basics

First, seeing things as they are.

Second, processing that in a way that helps you return to who you are without the distortion. In a way, you start to see your own game, how you tick andwhere you go astray.

Last, for me is some mix of writing, talking with others and sitting quietly to untangle the web.

Your evolution is about seeing things clearly for yourself, about finding the truth.No outside noise, no external“should” imposing on you. We know what this is when we feel it. Unraveling each of the places we’ve put ourselves in a net or distorted our lives with these bubbles that keep us from being who we wish to be.

That's right, it was you all along!

Or at least your perception of things.

Not the comment someone made, but your reaction to it.
Not the situation you’re in, but your problem with it.
Not the work, but how you relate to it.

Not the stuckness... but the lack of perspective.

The good news is you've got all the faculties to be reborn as yourself once again. You’ve done this before, you’re resilient. Shake off the dust.

Sometimes it just takes a day or two away from it all.

Positive Distortion

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend thinking about the future, and how much of that is negative?

It’s like we’re spending 80% of our thinking on what could happen and how it could go wrong. If you’re creating a distortion bubble at least make it positive.

Remind yourself of your assets.

What is going well for you?

What have you learned?

What's not going well but will actually be a good thing ultimately?

What can you give to others, especially if it's what you're hoping for yourself?

Our problems are often so small but to us they're big.

We have the answers, we just don’t always go in a straight line towards them.

In the meanderings that we learn about ourselves.

And eventually,

See the truth.


You've got a clear bright week ahead, the winds at your back and you will see the good ideas and opportunities instead of the criticisms. Talk soon.