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Sunday Caffeine - Birds, B Magazine

David Sherry
2 min read

This weekend I'm in SF.

Curiosity is the process of discovery. I find when I travel I like to use Yelp less and less simply to be more surprised by what I find. There's something about serendipity that acts as a spark for new experiences.

On the other hand, research, history, and understanding help us appreciate context.

Bird Scooters

Expect these in every city.

About a year ago I saw these electric scooters pop up right in the middle of the sidewalk on my walk to work. They're a nuisance to some, but an alternative transport option for going distances that are shorter than a car ride, and longer than a walk.

I use them ~3x per week, and my typical rate is $2.50 per ride (activated via app).

Let's look at the pros:
- Cheap
- Convenient (fast)
- Fun
- Rapid production cycles

- Unsafe
- Unorganized (messy)
- Single rider, with limited luggage.

So what about bikes? I expect the market to be slimmed down as this market expands. Biking for travel will minimize as biking for leisure, athletics and reliability.

The other interesting dynamic in this market is the "Chargers" or the "Bird Hunters."

Bird smartly opened up the other side of their market to users, who can charge the electric scooters for payment (some making up to $200 per night charging).

"Charging scooters for Bird is like Pokémon Go, but when you get paid for finding Pokémon.”

Charging electric scooters is a cutthroat business.

I like this cross between the gig-economy and gamification, we're seeing networks emerge in every market, amplified first by our mobile phones and soon, blockchain tech.

I can't imagine the fee on charging will stay this high much longer. If Bird comes to your city, could be a great side-hustle.

Inspiration, Tartine Manufactory.

Lunch at Tartine Manufactory was incredible. The restaurant is located in a beautiful warehouse, next door to a tile and ceramics shop. Places like this give me crazy creative envy, in a good way. If you make it to this side of SF check out their bakery. I'd love to know more about the owners, and how much time and effort went into building a space like this. The restaurant business seems like an incredible uphill grind and commitment. But I can't say I don't think about being a part of something like this some day...

Impulse Purchase, B Magazine

I caught this on the shelf at a local boutique. B magazine is something I've been waiting for but didn't know it.

It's a "Brand Documentary Magazine;" it breaks down the history, trends and cultural impact some of the most well known and interesting brands. Think "How I Built This," in magazine form.

I'm starting with the story of Monocle and ACNE Studios.

Monday Prompt:

My newest creative practice has been trying to distill complex ideas into their simplest heuristics. Right now I'm exploring luxury brands and the idea of luxury. Let's discuss.

What is luxury?

What is creates a Luxury Brand?


Have an awesome week, have a unique and deep conversation, wake up early, take an alternate route to work, and don't forget to share your art.