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Submit What's on Your Mind

David Sherry
1 min read


Good Morning from LA, where it is finally warm and my boxes to tick for the quarter are stacking up in my Notion page. I'm contemplating sticky notes, as I've recently rediscovered how seeing something in print still changes things. However, I do not like writing, as I can never get the letters to stay in a straight line.

Last year, as mentioned in the 2018 review, we made inroads on topics related to creativity. I did a lot of writing (150+ pieces) and you all did a lot of writing in return. We formed a coalition, united by our earnest interest in pursuing our best work in this one life of ours.

There is an opportunity to shift further towards community.

What if we can take your thoughts and attention to the replies to my posts...

And direct them at members who could use help, feedback or encouragement?

Submit a request for feedback, ideas or support, and I'll post it here.

You can respond to these submissions, to give thoughts, ideas or encouragement.

Your emails will go directly to them, so don't be a dick (I'll unsub you) and just share whatever generous thoughts come to mind. Sometimes it's just nice getting the reflection, hello's, or input of people that aren't your co-workers or cat.

If you're skimming, here's the way it will work:

1. Submit what's on your mind, where are you stuck, or you want input on (below).
2. If chosen, l'll share that with the community.
3. You get input and ideas from people all around the world (including me).

CC –– is yours too. It's an approach to work that's being cultivated. I'll still write like I do every week to spark conversations. I'll still do reply-roundups. I'll still link you to indicators and tools that catch my eye.

But the community, connecting to one another, and allowing yourself to connect further and share, that door is open now.

If you choose to walk through it...

xx David