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Simple Statements

David Sherry
1 min read

Communication is the hardest part.

Ditto for simplicity.

Art can't be measured – despite the marketer's best attempts.

Marketing, when done right... is art.

Don't be surprised if making money is at odds with what is working to garner attention.

Plan on doing something the same way for 5 years? Yeah right.

What you consume influences what you create, so consume wisely.

What you communicate, starts with who you're communicating with.

Most true answers reveal you've been playing the wrong game.
(Rather than not playing this game well enough)

When something is quality, length doesn't matter. No one talks about the length of Hamilton or a great album or a desirable sports event.

Big institutions crumble, but not from "competitors."
They crumble when they entire board is re-arranged.

When something breaks through, it can't ever fully be explained.
Even the artist was surprised they had it in them.

xx David