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Presence is Power

David Sherry
1 min read

You can't teach presence. Not easily, at least.

The eastern philosophies have incredibly deep texts which try and convey something that isn't intellectual.

It's something that you find, something that you work your way into. It can't be bought and sold, or found from a template.

Having presence is a quality.

And this quality is purely an embodiment.

When I think of presence, one person that comes to mind is... Dave Chappelle.

What is the quality that Dave possess that other comics do not?

Why are his specials so powerful, and why are people so drawn to him?

The information that he shares, that we share, exists on multiple levels.

There is the text, the words, what is spoken, and then there is something deeper.

It's the difference between a "push" and a "pull."

Presence receives, while those intellectualizing are trying to push at the world around them.

When we find presence in the face of our daily "to-dos" we transform them into something fresh.  

We find a sturdy ground to stand on, rather than always feeling slightly off-balance.

Maybe most importantly, your presence is shared freely, and fully, with whatever it touches.

And that is its power.