Work: What We Really Want.

Written by David Sherry

To do our job in a constant state of satisfaction.

To feel excited and have urgency to grow, rather than impatience to perform.

To gain mastery over the truth of the subject.

To share it with others.

To avoid drama or personification.

To see others, while others see us through our work.

To commit to a group, a team, or a customer.

To take responsibilty, feel duty, fulfill our promise. 

To grow by working through new problems and ideas (the ones that aren’t garunteed to work).

A great culture and team can help provide the above to you, but ultimately it’s on you to create these for yourself, and maybe for others, too.  

Money, perks, vacation, office space – these are all easy to follow, track and talk about. 

Passion, inspiration, artistry – these are all effects of the above, not causes. 

Work should get you paid. 

But everything beyond that is the human part. 

And that’s up to us.