Questions not Answers

What's more valuable, the question or an answer?

The internet is filled with answers, and people supplying them.

This on net is a good thing, and the literal fabric of the web was based on this dynamic (with Google being a question box, to find answers).

But it feels like today there is more value in good questions, and there are many answers which are cheap, ineffective, or not quite a fit for any of your specific situations.

This has us seeking short cuts, and, often we find ourselves seeking answers from everywhere and everyone.

But what if everything great came from a really great question?

A question that can lead to months or even years of development and learning.

What if inside of a really great question contains the seeds of a great answer?

The seeds of a journey? And the seeds of a new way of seeing the world?

So now I have to ask.

What question have you been asking, lately?