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Pioneer App

David Sherry
1 min read

Pioneer is a fund for global talent. It is so simple but so powerful that it almost seems silly that we didn’t have it before.

Then again, before, we didn’t have the internet.

And we didn’t all feel connected by our passions.

You see the trust that you can build online is surprising. With direct trust mechanisms like ratings on Uber/Airbnb... or because with consistency, you can signal much about yourself through public works, effort, contributions or even writing.

This trust that’s built also helps with another problem, finding people like you.

The thing is great minds exist everywhere, but their circumstances don’t always allow for them to shine as brightly as they can. Which is suppose is true of everyone generally, but is especially true for some people specifically. And when you’re bright, but the place around you isn’t, you feel like an outcast.

Those with passion and smarts tend to feel like the odd one. If you’ve got a big dream or an audacious goal those living with the status quo don’t tend to want the change that you want. Or they dismiss that this change isn’t possible.

But change is possible, actually, it's inevitable. Of course, things can go slowly or fast depending on infrastructure.

Pioneer is infrastructure to speed up the pace of innovation globally by backing the odd and intelligent.

It’s encouraging you to get around like-minded people who also believe it’s possible, because they were outsiders too, and they want to bring you inside.

And so there’s a global opportunity to make the world better by funding individuals with unique talents and passions to make the world better.

This feels like progress.

xx David