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no agenda with James Clear

David Sherry
1 min read

I want to know more.

We see apps, websites, podcasts, books etc. launch online and they all seem to be this incredibly polished, finished product. The truth is, there was a lot that went into their creation. So I’m making a place to share all of the first drafts, inspiration, philosophy, tools behind the finished product

no agenda. is a peek behind the curtain of web projects that catch my eye. I talk with creators directly and ask simple questions about how their project came to life.

I made a draft site for it here. It has written mini-interviews, audio, and soon maybe video streams. How will this live in the
CC universe? I’m not totally sure.

Just Launched: Atomic Habits
Designing your life to get what you want.
with James Clear

View Written interview on the Web
Podcast Interview
Drafts & References (Coming Soon)

xx David