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My Growth has Stalled, Should I Change Career Paths?

David Sherry
2 min read

Member Question: Since so much is limited by the budget of local businesses we work with, I'm feeling like my growth has stalled out. And I'm also questioning if I want to stay in web design or pursue something where I get to interact with humans more. (Maybe video storytelling?) Any suggestions or encouragement for how to move forward?

Background: I am a millennial who has been a web designer in a small city for 3 years now.

–– Stephanie, Fort Wayne, IN

Reply to Stephanie with your thoughts! (

I think the deeper question here is determining the work you personally want to do.

"Web design, or video?"

Then, it’s finding the clients that benefit from that work.

The current client climate and work is more of a litmus test for if you’re on track or not… Right now that’s flashing a type of warning sign. That means it’s possible that it’s the clients. Or that it’s possible that it’s the type of work.

Thinking in terms of your options…

A. Continue as is.

B. Seek clients with web design needs that take you to your personal edge of growth with the work.

C. Sell a new service to future or existing clients to experiment.

Breaking them down...

A. Continue as is. (I don’t judge any choice here)

Maybe it’s best for me to just tell you “Stephanie, you're doing work that is helping your clients, and being focused on them and attentive to their needs is the best way for you to find joy in your daily work.

You're doing great, just always be on the lookout for more ways to help, and your own way of adding art to your interactions (even outside of web design)."

B. Feels like the path that would best help you understand "Is it web-design, or is it the client?"

Can you get in touch with a web designer who is currently doing the type of work that you hope to do someday, and simply ask them if they are enjoying it? And how long it took to get where they are? etc.

You want to get a vision for what your work *could* be if you decide to pursue it.

There's no point in climbing Everest if you hate the view at the top...

C. Should happen naturally, and you should start way before you’re ready. Just DO the service for a client and ask for permission later.

Take photos, or video etc. and then be like “hey, I’m learning this and I thought this could help with your work right now, is this useful/helpful for you to use?”

Does that sound like not something you want to do?

...Well, then you probably don’t really want to do it anyways!

Thanks for sharing your question, Stephanie, and I'll let others chime in with their thoughts.

xx David