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David Sherry
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I get a lot of people on my newsletter emailing me to discuss motivation.

Mostly, a lack of it.

The people in this community want to bring their best to the world, but keeping motivated and bringing balance to their lives (or at least a solid feeling of contentment) has proved difficult.

And I understand.

Our lives today are fully booked, and so it feels like we use up all the motivation we have on our day job, or family, or business, and suddenly we don’t have any left for that other thing we know we want: painting, writing, guitar, time with family, etc.

Dissecting this with clients has been extremely fruitful.

In 1-1 conversations having someone with a keen eye to listen, reflect, and help you dissect and untangle your motivations and problems can drop a huge burden from your plate.

I’m just realizing why.

The burden that is dropped is the weight associated with a lack of clarity.

See, it’s mentally taxing to not decide.

And we continue problems when we don’t understand them.

You can work up these problems in your mind for a month, years, or even decades. It’s these tangled, complex clouds that float above your head. You walk around with them like a weight.

These clouds skew your vision and your perception. They color what opportunities you see, and how you believe you should (or are capable) of spending your time.

Change is hard, but it’s easier with clarity.

Clarity is that moment where the clouds part and you simultaneously see what you missed, but also the next step to take based on this new understanding.

Clarity is a lever.

It lifts off the weight and pulls you out of complexity and abstraction, freeing you from its burdens.

Clarity both frees you from complexity and frees you to act.

It feels a lot like motivation.

xx David

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