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David Sherry
1 min read

Social media is about reading the room, and speaking up when you have something to say.

The conversation is 24/7 – brands that win see themselves as a voice within a bigger table discussion.

Traditional Authorities are out of the loop.

Consumption is necessary, if you create in a vacuum you become a tourist rather than a staple.

Creators need a response from the audience to evolve.

Audiences need to feel like they’re a part of the conversation to care.

Individual voices have more reach than most Brands.

Search traffic will increasingly shift towards individual voices for their queries, and increasingly within social platforms like Youtube, Twitter and even podcasts.

^^ Education is abundant, support systems that keep you in the game and surface opportunities are scarce.

People buy-in for your Hard Skills but they stay for the Soft Skills.

If you can modulate between Soft Skills and Hard Skills people will remember you, and they will value your time.

Soft Skills are harder to fake. Hard Skills have more competition.

Everyone can find a network that matches their interest and skills and a topic that they are uniquely able to share about...

Which means if you show up, you make the whole conversation better.

‍xx David