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Monday Caffeine – Trust and Patience (May 3)

David Sherry
3 min read
Monday Caffeine – Trust and Patience (May 3)

Hey hey,
Great to have you back with me for the weekly caffeine.

Any rhythm feels good to form because rhythms are a natural part of life.

Our bodies are constantly adjusting and changing based on our environment, seeking equilibrium.

When we get up early or stay up late, this tells our body clocks to adjust.

Each process prepares itself and then carries out what’s needed for sleep, digestion, and alertness.

When we’re unpredictable, our body compensates. It re-adjusts its inner clock’s and workings to respond to the new food, the cold, the late-night, the early morning…

But over time, this unpredictability keeps things from working smoothly.

Constantly adjusting our waking rhythm forces our body never to find its groove.

Creativity works the same.

We can do deep work in the morning or the afternoon. We can work in bursts or over long stretches. We can adjust.

We’re adaptable, but not so adaptable, that constantly changing our working style will be fruitful in having smooth forward progress.

The upside of remote work can be more predictability and rhythm in your day.

If you can set your own blocks of time, this can create small series, little chains of a rhythm that you can repeatedly kick off for yourself.

While some types of growth come from disruption, let’s not forget that others come from deliberate action and practice, repeated day in and day out….

Answers Arrive by Asking for Them.

When we ask a question, we query some deeper part of our minds that isn’t stuck in the narrative about how we’re stuck on a problem.

Strangely, we don’t really know what we know until we ask ourselves about it.

If I were to ask you about 3 lessons you’ve learned about your job over the past 6 months…

You would come up with an answer. But where did that answer come from?

Your brain builds answers for you when you ask a question. You can use this to make “*What-If* lists.”

“*If* I had the answer to this…*What* would I do?

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Trust, and Patience

Patience and trust are intertwined. Frustrations come up when we don’t trust another or we don’t trust ourselves.

Because trust holds a long-term view, we can be patient because things will work themselves out over time.

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Education is a Permanent Feature

The internet “unbounds” whatever it touches.  Our education system was built on a bounded timeline that ended when your job began. But all of that is different now.

The education space is one of the largest addressable markets ever because it’s now for everyone over the course of their entire lives.

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Make the Algorithm Work For You

Social media networks plague us with the “filter bubble.” But what if the filter bubble was built to work for us?

Create a new account on any social media network for your choice.

Name the account “Your_Name_Learning_Subject_” for example, “David_Learning_Realestate.”

Begin training the algorithm to surface information related to this subject by finding the top creators and teachers in this space and then following and liking their work.

Now, whenever you want to learn ____ subject, swap to that account and get a customized feed of information on the topic of your choice.

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Are we in a Great Migration?

The digital space is the new frontier. We have had less innovation in the physical world than in the world of bits.

That’s because we’re currently undergoing a mass migration that will change the physical world greatly. It’s just it hasn’t been understood fully just yet.

The question is, are you going to choose to migrate?

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