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Monday Caffeine – "What ideas am I offended by?"

David Sherry
3 min read

It’s been a bit since I’ve published a Monday Coffee post, a recap of what’s new, what’s been on my mind, and anything else I feel compelled to share.

Cryptocurrency and the Creator Economy
If you’ve seen my Twitter account, you’ll notice that I’ve been deeply obsessed with Defi and Cryptocurrency both from a global economic and investing perspective but also because of the changes that it’s bringing to the creator economy.

I continue to believe in this space and am grateful for teaching me so much about economics, finance, investing, psychology and philosophy. I’ll publish more from my general perspective about the space without the “hype” you might see from most places.

It is still very early.

“Predicting the Future”
Is about seeing what is happening in the present. We all live in our filter bubbles, and what they tell us shapes our worldview.

But somewhere, outside of your filter bubble, there is another group, a cohort that believes or is building something different.

If you’re blind to this, which we often are, you won’t recognize something that’s happening in plain sight.

It’s not that technology forecasting and prediction is about imagining the future…
Instead, it’s about recognizing things that are already occurring today, right there in plain sight – but the vast majority of people are unaware of it.

“What ideas are you offended by?”
One way of recognizing the edges of your own filter bubble is to recognize when you come into contact with the idea that offends you.

Why am I triggered by an idea? Because paired with that idea is a notion about how I believe the world to be, and when this idea comes into contact with it and rubs against the grain, I reject it…

If your immediate response is to reject an idea rather than understand it, you may be putting up walls against a current reality that people live in, which you choose to remain ignorant to…

Finding Your “Edge.”
An edge is a process that you can repeat successfully.

This could be to change someone, to sell, to invest, to create a film…

Our work is to find the areas that we have a natural edge in and refine them to become more predictable.

Having an “edge” is akin to being able to do magic. What you do looks effortless or surprising or amazing to others, but to you, you see the inner workings and what makes this occur?

When you have an edge, you see what matters relative to your craft in a way that others do not.

This blindness by the audience, this lack of awareness of just how you hide the coin while you remove it from the table, is what thrills them.

But it also thrills you, and so practice and developing your edge is and should be a joy…

The Linear and The Non-Linear

Today, my core investing theme is that network effects, and exponential technologies will be adopted and grow much faster than we expect.

This is not a new idea, nor is it mine. However, I believe this notion of Linear vs. Non-Linear is prevalent in our lives.

We believe that growth happens step-by-step. If we are to imagine building the Pyramids, this would be true. You could only place one stone on top of the other.

In the digital realm and in our personal progress – both exist in a non-linear space that scales and makes quantum leaps.

This means that digital products, adoption, and scaling can happen at light speed. What is 10 today can be 1 million tomorrow.

And in our personal progress, we still assume the same. However, with the forces of this technology, we, too, are capable of non-linear progress. Our learning and how we see the world can go through quantum leaps.

Remember, it is often the fresh idea that wins in the market rather than the well-defined and developed.

That’s all, thanks for reading and for being here, as always, hit reply if I can be of service to you,


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