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Making the "Good Will" Leap

David Sherry
1 min read

One thing that really surprised me when I was talking with a client of mine is remembering how we met.

It turns out we met because I had offered to help him out with some no-code stuff around databases. Which is funny, because I don't think about myself as savvy about that type of thing at all.

Side note --> remembering origin stories for your customers, connections, your current job etc. are always useful!

Anyways, so how did I go from working with them on no-code to being their coach? To be honest, I can't totally remember. I think I simply am just NOT the no-code ops person, or rather I don't want to be.

My main takeaway was remembering how I offered to help.

I didn't offer some perfect solution or service. I didn't even sell him on working together.

I simply saw a need that he had to improve some automations and told him I'd roll up my sleeves and help. Maybe I thought there would be work out of it, maybe not.

I'm calling this the "Leap of Good Will."

A lot of people get stuck on trying to create the perfect pitch, package or offer.

A lot of people feel the stress of an urgent need to make money. And I get that.

Yet sometimes the way to great work and great customers is making a leap, with good will, simply trying to help.

As always, have an amazing week,

xx David