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The Good Life/Detox, Work/Not-Work

David Sherry
2 min read

"How we spend our days is how we spend our life."

A simple habit I picked up recently is listing out a type of "menu" that I use as a reference for how to spend my time/days.

I make a list of what looks like the good life, to me, and what I want to spend less of my time on.

Simply having the menu makes it easier for me to spend time on what I really care about and brings meaning to me. It also highlights for me when I'm not spending my time well.

You can think of this as step one for better scheduling your time and using your calendar. First, you need to prioritize what should be in the cal and what shouldn't.

I do this by listing out two areas, the first being more for meaning/life.

Good Life: What do I really appreciate, and want more of in my life?

Detox List: What do I know ultimately doesn't bring me satisfaction?

Good Life + Detox List

Work Looks Like... Work Doesn't Look Like...

The other list is what I see as my "work."

There are some things that definitely look like work to me. And there are other not so important things that aren't really work but I still do them pretending it's work.

Work Looks Like: What work is important and I want to do more of?

Work Doesn't Look like: What looks like work but isn't important?

Work Looks Like, Doesn't Look Like List

Again, my hope is to just make it as easy as possible to notice when I'm wasting my own time or spending it well.

Also to build gratitude for the simple things that bring me joy and meaning, most of which are free.

What would your menu look like?

Make it and choose from it.

As always, let me know if I can help,

xx David