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Defining your Own Lens to View the World

David Sherry
1 min read

We're all living in our own delusion.

The world is incredibly complex, and we're underprepared to understand it.

Being that we can't understand it, we simplify it by creating a type of lens from which to view everything through.

This is our worldview or our lens.

It's the sum of all of our experiences baked into a perspective that shapes what we communicate, what we consume, where we move, love, give, and how happy or anxious we are.

For scientists, that may include the scientific method. For artists, maybe creation and freedom. For the religious, God brings authority and meaning and so on.

This lens is our crutch that supports our insights.

It's what we fall back on every day as we experience the world around us and construct meaning or anger or gratitude.

When you stop building your lens, you hit old age, but is you keep constructing your'll stay young.

The good news is that many people have lived on this earth before you, and many of them have written about how they saw or experienced things. And many are still alive today sharing their perspective with you.

More interesting than what people say, is how they see.

Their advice is mostly useless.

How they experience the world or see a problem is genius.

Mostly, when examining the effectiveness of your lens, you can ask, "Does this help me be my best self?"

And if it doesn't, maybe try seeing from a different point of view…

xx David

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