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lo-fi to hi-fi

David Sherry
1 min read

We're currently vastly underrating audio and video on the internet today.

Ever wonder why people cry more at movies then they do reading books?

The video experience is higher fidelity. Meaning, it has more information encoded into it, with the Actor’s gestures, the voices, the music…

We can feel it more.

As humans, since the beginning of time we've built better tools for sharing information and experiences.

From hand gestures and grunts… to speech.

From speech to the written word.

Then recorded audio. Then the camera. Then the video camera.

To AR. To….

This "Shared Experience Transfer" scales culture and allows innovation to thrive. And the trend is always from Lo-fi to Hi-Fi.

So email is in its hey-day. Like all markets, it's the brightest right before it starts to head towards the horizon. The sun will set, but it will happen in waves, as it unbundles into many networks.

And slowly, the ratio of higher-fidelity mediums like audio and video will take hold.

Creators will adapt. To me, I'm extremely excited to break the boundaries of the next frontiers for sharing story, experiences, and connection.

Collaboration comes from the melding of new perspectives and experiences into something new. And technology will sync us more and more as they find new ways to share our expression, feeling, and information.

And there's nothing more thrilling. Like the jam at a music concert, or how everyone is synced up to the beat.

And as this efficiency increases so does collaboration. So does the burnout, too. We're still catching up with the information flow, and it keeps escalating...

Where are we now??

These emails will continue, butI'm already seeing amazing results with Generously Human which is a more interactive and focused version of CC on a specific topic. Adding video and audio will only dial that up.

So watch for more live streams, video, and audio.

The work of the creator will be a portfolio approach like it’s always been. Building on the knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Seeking experience, and then transferring it through the mediums of the day...

xx David