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How to Be Lucky Every Day

David Sherry
1 min read

There’s a scene in Harry Potter where Harry drinks “Felix Felicis” or “Liquid luck.”

Once the potion is in effect, everything he does is successful during that time.

So he goes about his day, watching it unfold in childlike wonder.

He just knows he needs to go out to the lawn, or that he needs to ask a specific question.

There’s a voice that is telling him what to do next, and it has his best interest in mind.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing… or at least, Felix does.”

What if you woke up like this today?

The coffee or tea you’re drinking is liquid luck.

Suddenly at every fork in the road, you know which one to take.

And each time you do what your inclination tells you to do, new opportunities open up.

And you’re both active in the story and passive.

You play your part to watch what shows up on the other side.

Your excitement makes each action, even if still a bit scary, more enjoyable and well received.

We can live in the world this way because what happens around us on a day to day basis is a matter of perspective.

We see the signs we choose to see, good or bad.

But today you’ve got Liquid Luck.

Trust that you know what you’re doing.

Or at least something in you, does.

xx David

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