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David Sherry
1 min read

When you think about it, Life is hilariously funny.

I keep a somewhat regular meditation practice.

Please don't email me about yours, It's like talking about dreams, it's fun when it's you doing the talking, but when you're doing the listening... Boring!

So here goes my hypocrisy, where I tell you about mine. But hey, this is my newsletter, If you want to share about your dreams to the masses go start your own!

Lately, I've been observing myself, in my meditation. Hard to explain, but what I'm seeing is myself, in the third person... but I look really serious.

And it's cracking me up!

Seriously, I can't help but just laughing every time I sit down for a pause.

Because whoever that me is in there is so god damn serious.

And, being that I'm outside of that self – I'm huge. I'm a giant space outside of it. But that other me is trapped. Poor guy.

So I pat myself on the head and just laugh.

I'm a kid again.

Can you reverse your age? Turns out you can. Just by lightening up.

Life makes you serious, I get it, there are dramas and details that you get sucked into.

But these dramas are so small in the scheme of things. Of course, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like the end of the world. It feels like all of your focus and energy are focused on that one tiny box of problems that you've been handed.

The worst thing that can happen is... you die.

But guess what, that's going to happen!

And you don't even have a choice about it.

So maybe, then, the worst thing that can happen is you get stuck so concerned about small details that you die in a mini-way on a constant daily basis. This mini-death is you not living, because of your concerns.

Outside of the worried self is the entire world.

And you get to explore and see that the moment you lighten up.

So by all means, keep looking off in the distance with a stern look on your face.

But if you open your eyes, if you look around...

It's hard not to laugh.

xx David