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Life is a Garden

David Sherry
1 min read

There is a difference in the quality of your day when you are proactive instead of reactive.

When you're proactive, you realize that you can make time, in the literal sense. And when you're reactive, there is never enough time because you are too frozen to fully act on anything that you need to.

There is a patience that comes with intention, which is less like a war (like the 'war of art') and more like planting a garden.

You invest in small seeds of ideas, relationships, and if you tend to them well, they grow. It would be wrong to overwater or to neglect, and so a balance is needed. And you can't be erratic. And you cant force the time or seasons to change, but they do.

If you're aware, the transitions show themselves in subtle hints. And so you work with them.

Getting ahold of your time, and your life is about seeing it all as one wider landscape.

If we lose our ability to see the full picture, we suffer from myopia, and we run to a forced pace of life that is out of sync with how things happen.

You plant, you tend, you eye the changes, and some works the way you expected, and other twists and turns arrive but you have seen these coming, even if you weren't sure what they would be. Because that is life and that is nature. And so are you.

You can be patient and effective.

You can work and not struggle.

You can feel peace and not have everything where you'd like it to be.

Time can work for you.

But so can the storms, the earth, and the sun.

xx David

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