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Keeping in Touch can be an Art

David Sherry
1 min read

Through coaching and 1-1 conversations with members, I'm recognizing that the best insights happen in REAL time, and relate to real problems people are trying to solve.

So, I thought... what if the whole group had access to these insights? Why not share some behind the scenes from these conversations so that you can observe for yourself the experiments and stuck points?

Now we are a hive mind, and not just an individual bee.

Here is a snippet from a conversation provided by Clay Fuller, who does business development at a creative studio:

A Client Mishap That Lead to a New Insight.

"We had a small project with a client for whom we were doing a simple logo identity to be designed within 4-5 weeks. The client had been excited, clearly understood our timeline, and knew they had an invitation to reach out at any time.

So we were very surprised when about 3 weeks later we received a long email demanding a refund because we were behind and had neglected the client.

I knew we’d honored our word (we had actually completed the identity early and were about to deliver) and had done nothing wrong. However, we also hadn’t done things right.

From the client’s perspective, we’d been paid good money to do something very important for him, and it was understandably frustrating (and even scary) to feel like we didn’t care. We were able to positively resolve the situation, but I learned a valuable lesson — it’s not enough to do what you say, you have to consistently say what you’re going to do.

Now, I send an email every Monday to our active clients that shares the current status of their project, what’s coming next, shares any notes or questions, and a fun “food for thought.”

Our clients love it.

The response has been tremendously positive and it feels silly that we haven’t always done this."

– Clay Fuller, Studio Freight

Keeping in touch can be an art.

xx David