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Investors Mindset

David Sherry
1 min read

I’ve been interested in various forms of investing since I was in High School.

Since I was in High School and we played a fake stock market game and learned about compound interest, I was interested in investing.

I was naïve, because I never thought I needed credentials to start investing. And I still don’t.

Even more importantly, I realized that anyone can be an investor.

Because investing is a mindset that you embody, rather than a role or title you have.

Investing is about using the resources you have to create a return.

A return is about putting your energy into areas that have a compounding effect, that give you more than a 1:1 ratio on what you put in.

Every day I try and ask myself:  Am I putting my energy into areas of my life that have compounding returns?

Naval has pointed out succinctly the types of leverage we now have to get wealthy. But here are my definitions below:

Equity – Do I own equity in a business that is growing in value?
(This could also be a home, or other asset).

Code – Am I building leverage online through tools that once built continue to provide value at scale?

Media – Am I creating media that people can consume in any time zone, in any day or year, which builds trust asynchronously from any direct connection?

Capital – Am I putting my money into vehicles that earn interest and compound?

Human – Am I building relationships which are improving over time? Do I have a network I can activate? Am I helping others connect and grow their network?

Every day I try and keep the investors mindset, and more importantly, I find great joy in doing so.

There's something really fun about putting effort or resources into something you believe will grow.

Spreading and watering seeds.

Knowing with the right amount of time and effort there might be a whole forest here some day.

‍xx David