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David Sherry
2 min read

Art you smart enough?

Of course you are!

Now I’m not talking about astro-physics or building a Deep Mind computer.

But to run a company, to make a change in the world, to do something that makes a difference…

You’ve got what it takes.

The problem is you’ve probably questioned that your whole life.

School had grades, and you’re compared to everyone else around you and are reminded of where you stand since the first grade.

It’s a prescribed status, like the letters of your college or degree or lacks their off which supposedly act as a stamp of where you stand.

Except that it's got no relevance to your success. These tests and systems are about a general knowledge.

But my guess is that in at least one area of your life, you’re doing something that looks like genius to someone else.

And the funny thing about genius…

Most of them can barely tie their shoes.

Einstein can win the Nobel prize but Einstein with women….

Nicola Tesla trying to make a sales pitch, or take photos, or lead a team of 100 people…

See specific intelligence is just that, specific. They train their entire lives in one field and they are truly gifted, special and intelligent in that area, no doubt.

And I’m not saying there is a degree of difference in intelligence, general or specific.

But we’re in the computer age.

Do you want to compete on intelligence for smarts against a computer?

So, memorization is dead.

That radiologist who’s scanning simply went to school for 12 years to figure out how to do that.
But that job will soon be handed to the computer.

IBM Watson’s medical computer can stay up to date on the latest scientific research more than any doctor in the field… why? Because there’s over 100,000 new documents to be read each year to stay on top of the field.

But for a computer, that’s no problem.

So now what? What do we do?

You’ve got to look for the areas in your life that come naturally to you and difficult for others.

Are you smart enough?

Of course you are!

We’re not born doctors, or firefighters or authors or stylists…

We learn it somewhere along the way. Maybe we learned it in only just the past few years.

And what is intelligence, really?

See, it changes. If you no longer have to memorize or hold vast knowledge in your own head...

Intelligence is being able to figure it out, whatever situation comes up.

Intelligence is being able to lead others.

Intelligence is connecting ideas, things, people in a way that gives us a result.

Intelligence is finding elegance in a new option, seeing a new opportunity, asking a new question.

In this day in age, it's how we connect ideas and apply ourselves.

And soon enough we'll leverage the IQ of a computer, with the creative impetus of a Human!!

P.S. You don't need inputs reinforcing the idea of what your IQ is. It's like a placebo-label. Don't let it stick!

P.P.S. What I mean is that sometimes we read articles about the successful that subtly convey we don't have what it takes and that they're superhuman.