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I want you to go for a walk

David Sherry
2 min read

I want you to go for a walk.

If you’re reading this on your computer, at home or at work, stop reading now and bring it back up while you’re on your phone.

I can wait. Hit "unread" and come back when you have the time.


Are you mobile?


Now that you’re here with me.

Now that we’re on a walk together.

Now that you're reading my words that I've typed out loud in your head.

Together we're going to do an experiment.

Together we’re going to become less anxious and more open to life.

This is without any type of magic and can be done at any hour of the day.


By now you should be moving.

You should be taking strides.

You should be able to hear your feet hitting the ground.

You should be able to feel the pressure on each foot as you step.

There is a blurred bokeh effect behind your phone as you stride.

What can you hear? Some birds in the background?

Or cars? Or noises from the street? Music?

Distant sounds, mixed with some quiet.

Ok now slow down to a slow and steady pace.

And while you read I want you to really listen to everything that's going on around you.

I want you to read while being aware.

See from your peripheral while you walk so as to be safe.

You can meander in any direction, without any end goal.

Do you smell the air?

Do you feel the ground under your feet?

Are you taking it all in at once?

We’re almost to that point where you’ll understand...

Moving and listening and feeling all at one time...

Now stop.



Did you know that you could find peace so easily? That you could find that type of focus? That you could move and think and take in the world all at once? That you could be aware of everything, present, and undistracted? Where did your worries go? Where did yourself go? If you needed to step to the side or slow or speed up you did. If an obstacle came up while reading you simply stepped over it or went around. You were bringing a state of presence, of focus to wherever you went.

You were really listening, noticing the details but remaining focused.

You brought with you global type of awareness.

Now, if only we could live our lives in that state.

Listening, open, feeling everything at once while we act.

Focused, but moving without effort.

Like a simple walk.


Go bring that awareness to your next activity today,

xx David