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David Sherry
1 min read

You're always worried that you're sick, even if you're healthy.

Small signs feel like impending doom, so you follow the rabbit hole of Web MD all the way to mortal danger (and hey, no matter what symptoms you type in, they all point the same way).

Maybe you know someone like this?

I'm rarely worried about my health.

I don't think about it unless something seems seriously off.
My guess is that most of you function like that.

But don't we all do this in some way?

What is a hypochondriac? Someone with a repeating question in their heads, telling them that there's fear (that they're sick), even when they are totally healthy.

So maybe your question is different but the effect is the same.

Maybe every day you have a question that pops up in your head that... "Maybe this will all come crashing down and I'll go broke."

Or that you might get found out, and get fired.

Or that someone might up and leave you.

Regardless of which fearful question arises, the point is the same; by spending mental energy (sometimes, 5, 10, 30x per day) fearing the worst when there's no real sign of danger, you're wasting a tremendous amount of time living in fear.

So sure, when true problems arise, face them square on.

But there's no use in going over false problems in your head over and over every day when they don't exist.

xx David