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How I read and what I'm reading

David Sherry
1 min read

I read books like I read blogs.

I’ve got about ~7 in the mix right now. Instead of surfing the web I jump around chapters.

I still alternate between physical and digital.

I keep books out in piles around my apartment – put in certain places as a reminder – setting the context that I’ll read them in. For example the Dali Lama book I keep by my bed but "The Mom Test" I keep on my work desk.

I fire up kindle when I'm out of the house, typically while I walk or ride transit, and I read through snippets of unfinished books.

I no longer highlight or underline in books, as A Mind For Numbers taught me that this was just me actually avoiding really absorbing what I was reading. Better to take notes, either in a margin or separately.

As for buying, I never hesitate for physical books. But if I plan to read it on Kindle, I read the trials, as this gives you the first few chapters and see if I should purchase the full text.

As for Digital – I exclusively use Pocketto save and organize what I read for later. Pocket's best feature is the audio option, so I listen to most of what I save from around the web.

Right now I share what I'm reading in a Telegram channel but I sort of wish there was somewhere better. Then again these channels are starting to take off relatively well. A CC reader reached out because he's got an app called Readup which I'm testing out, and could have a similar function.

For Shared Language and Shared Purpose, here are some blog posts I've read lately:

As always, if it feels right hit reply and share anything that comes to mind,

xx David