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Harsh Truths

David Sherry
1 min read

Life teaches us harsh truths by correcting our course.

Over a long enough time scale…

The market. The world. Your life…

Will expose a truth.

Just like the tide going out revealing what was there.

Whether it's your comfort at a job which is gliding by under the radar, an investment decision built without a plan, or a difficult relationship that is being papered over...

The things we cover up, can't help but eventually be seen.

This often happens when it feels like it's too late.

So what if instead we sought out these truths ahead of time? To disarm them before they arrive by way of the world; to take ownership and have the courage to look and reflect now, rather than later?

What if we instigated putting ourselves into a position of exposure before the exposure?

Discovering, even seeking out a harsh truth, instead of keeping ourselves blind.

I know, that's painful. It's easier to avoid.

But in the end, these truths teach us something we wish we'd known, now.

And so maybe they are something that we could know, now.
Xx David

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