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From Needs to Choices

David Sherry
1 min read

When we're excited about our work, it translates.

People can feel it.

I don't know how; maybe it's the subtle choices we make when we're in that state?
Maybe our minds are more open to interesting ideas and less constrained by fear?

If you've stalled out on whatever project it is that you're working on, it's likely because you're no longer feeling excited about it.

At some point, the excitement of writing that book or making that podcast turned into...

"I just need to get this done."
"Why am I not working on this?"
"Why can't I do this?"

It's at that stage that the art dies.

Art isn't work.

You're spending time and effort, but it's not drudgery, it's discovery.

It's a matter of "needs" vs. "choices."

If you need to do something, if something else is forcing it to happen, we approach it with a dull attitude. We're indifferent about the process and instead seeking the result.

We just want it to be complete...

Rather than falling in love with the creation.

In a way, you don't want your art to be complete, because at that stage, you need to start again, and you risk falling back into needs.

The task at hand is to continually re-approach our work from a place of excitement.

To relieve the pressure and choose.

And then re-choose it every day.

Moving from needs to choices.

xx David

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