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David Sherry
1 min read

I get easily excited by ideas, and visions of the future.

Simply having two neurons fire together that create some new chain of understanding seeing new possibility is immensely gratifying.

The problem is taking that synapse fire and turning it into something that manifests in the real world beyond thought.

And I think many of us get stuck here.

We feel an urge, or a pull, or excitement but the good feeling… doesn’t carry us through. Tomorrow we wake up and suddenly that good thought is gone.


Possibly logic.

Logic is the second thing that tends to happen beyond the thought. Like how it’s silly to think we could do that because of XYZ.

The opportunity opens up possibility regardless of the current laws of the “physics” of your life… meaning that you’d need to alter your current state, take a risk or change the boundaries you keep.

This change is scary. And so logic uses fear as a tactic to coerce you to stay the same.

Society does this too. It wants order.

We all know the story about how the doctor who discovered that washing your hands before surgery saves lives was laughed out of the room (for decades).

Creatures of habit, especially in groups despise disruption.

But what if all of the good things happen doing the things that haven’t been done yet, rather than the things that have?

That feeling is a preview of what happens when you tear the fabric of your daily repetitions to forge a new path and do something new.

It doesn’t mean that the feeling is exactly right about what happens. But it is right that something new happens.

And that something new is what makes us feel alive, gives us agency over our lives, and shapes the process of learning about ourselves as we move through our lives.

There are some outcomes we want to be the same.

There are others we want to change.

If the FEELING you have is about the latter.

You’ve got a practically guaranteed shot at the discovery of something new.

That is…

If you can connect Feeling to Motion.

xx David