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Down the Rabbit Hole

David Sherry
1 min read

The thing that appears at first glance, the offer that is most available, the advice that is most easily given…

Never has the depth to last you a lifetime.

Everything solid I have learned in my life I have learned the long, twisting and winding way of learning it.

Wisdom is your own experience.

And you cannot give someone experience in a few words or a few sentences or a short video.

All you can do is lead someone to another door, that they enter by themselves, down the rabbit hole.

And down the Rabbit Hole is where everything worth while is hiding.

Gold lives in the fabric of nuance. Diamonds live in the fabric of dirt. Along the path of a deeper search, we find things that cannot be explained.  We can only try and explain. But our unique mixture of findings is related to our unique mixture of experiences.

We can connect, on universal levels.

This is what great art does for us. It speaks about the nuance, *while simultaneously not sharing any of it at all.*

And even if there is depth hiding behind plain site…

Not everyone is open.

And even the people who say they are open. They may say this as a trick to stay at the surface, to get the experience, without leaving the comfort of the ground.

They do it as a trick, to gain a gift.

But gifts are only given when full commitment is shown.

Gifts arrive to those who are sincere and pure.

But not complacent.

Proactive, clear, but… unassuming.

Why is everything of value connected to a deeper search?

Because Truth is subjective, rather than objective.

And there is so much of it out there, in so many different forms, in so many different meanings, that there is a enough for all of us to share.

We’ve spent our lives building bridges and structures of ground that is haphazardly built to keep us from falling.

But the trick is on us. It’s not safe where we stand.

And everything worth while, is waiting below the surface.

xx David