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Curiosity is the Fountain of Youth

David Sherry
1 min read

As kids we’re constantly curious about the world, and our curiosities have no real bounds.

We are doing our best to understand the nature of the world, and we do so by probing questions, observing people, searching online, and talking to our friends.

At a certain stage this curiosity begins to narrow in scope.

You become obsessed with baseball, or video games, or theater.

This where we first find that our passion and our curiosity can be focused into something specific.

If we’re lucky we discover that something that ignites our curiosity and we pursue it as a career, or at least a hobby.

We find, quite joyfully, that we have an insatiable curiosity for a certain concept; economics, or the solar system, or the depths of mathematics, or the nuances of what makes a great movie script.

These curiosities are a self-fulfilling system.

The deeper we go, the more depth we find, and unlike the real world, these topics are like resources that cannot be depleted.

Like Einstein, Da Vinci, or Shakespeare, there is no upper bound on your pursuit.

To discover what we are most curious about is to discover the fountain of youth.

It’s to discover the thing that does not run out.

It’s to discover that it’s “turtles all the way down” – which is especially great, because you love turtles.

Inside that discovery, you find that depth is nuance.

And inside of nuance is more nuance.

You know you’ve found something truly special if you can find a means that provides you an ends, without ever depleting…

If you can become curious, you can find what satisfies you completely...

You get just enough, while still wanting to go deeper...

xx David