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Curator or Thought Leader?

David Sherry
1 min read

I think many newsletters and internet authors are unsure about which one they are.

Curators play the role of content of discovery –they’re like archeologists, and the ones who bring treasures to the world to gain recognition. They’re Artist Managers, and they’re Fashion editors. They make cool, public.

‍Think: Scooter Braun, or Chris Anderson.

The Thought Leaders are the Artists taking risk in the market to show up with new and original ideas.

They must take risks because by definition, to be noticed by the curators, they need to do something new or noteworthy. They push to the edges, and often live in varying version of obscurity.

Think: Tyler the Creator, or Tyler Cowen.

This symbiotic relationship has only 10xed as the internet has taken off. More niches need to be filled as the long-tail of content is created, therefore we need more curators.‍

On the internet, status and positioning is about people knowing which space and role you fill in the conversation.

Some gain status through affiliation and recognition, others through original works.

Some make the news, others spread it.

So are you shining the spotlight on another, or are you shining your own light?

And can you be both?

xx David