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I find I look forward to each of the CC emails as they are uplifting, provide inspiration and a bit of a jab in the belly as we are challenged to be better, learn better, do better with each installment of the newsletter. CC is for anyone who is hungry for a fulfilled life, and wants an opportunity to learn from others, and be given a moment to reflect and implement. There is a real sense of community in the way David constructs each newsletter as we have an opportunity to dialogue with each other with a simple "reply". Also DIG the followup newsletters after David has sent a missive!


Omaha, Nebraska


People who are redefining their worlds.


Binghamton, NY


Love Creative Caffeine. Super, provocative topics and it very much feels like a conversation. Will spread the word!


Columbus, Ohio


Creative Caffeine is a place to ignite your thoughts, expand horizons and challenge your own views of the world. Highly recommend it!




This is like a friend's insight to who you should hang out with, at different times, for different reasons, on different levels. Thanks for serving as the connection host.


Columbus, OH


It's thoughtful, well-written, and I can't recommend it enough for people who are just tired of gimmicks on the Internet




Personally, I am founding myself very inspired by the many thoughts that are shared in the emails, both on everyday lifestyle and my current and future creative production. I'd like to share a little of what I'm doing around here but I just feel it's not time yet. In the meantime, I'm very pleased to be part of it somehow.

Leo Marasciulo

Curitiba, Brazil


This email list is random in a really good way. I’m glad it’s not like other lists I’m on that are “following the formula”. I actually click and open and read most of the messages because I’m never sure what I’m going to hear about. That is refreshing. Maybe one day I’ll write back too but for now I’m a bit of a lurker who has been inspired to keep reading, to keep calm and carry on, and to enjoy life rather than analyze it all the time. Thanks.


Charlottesville, VA


I avoided the Email about not thinking for a few days because of the title. When I finally read it I realized that it was worth the read. Not really new information, but well-timed none the less.



I absolutely love reading these!


Sarasota, FL


Creative Caffeine makes my inbox feel good!
It is always filled with thought provoking ideas and a unique view of the world. This makes it worth the read every time. It is one newsletter I love bring subscribed to.

Kirsten Wreggitt

Calgary, Alberta


I love this blog, and not only because you mention there is a future for coaches… I hope that there will always be a place for bespoke individualised learning when and where its convenient with real people. But I also hope the public becomes more discerning about expertise and moves away from following the fad with the best PR/Marketing.

Have a good week, our long summer holidays are ending and the school and work year is about to begin down under, time to ramp up the work.


Sydney Australia


It feels like an extension of my brain and thought process


London, UK


CC encourages me to think about what's happening philosophically and technically in our modern technologically adept world. Everything from Bitcoin to how artists can or perhaps will sell their work are mused upon, as well as so much more. This newsletter encourages me to think.




I found CXC (i like this as your abbreviation ha) through DTSP. I had been following DTSP for a year or two, catching each new monthly photo pack. But I had never felt connected to DTSP. It was just a stream of resources. It wasn't until David started emailing out conversational type emails that my interested peaked. All of a sudden, it wasn't some no name brand, but there was a person. There was an idea, a feeling, an emotion tied to each email. I was invited to join a community, one where it was okay to make mistakes, it was okay to feel unsure. Everyone who writes in comes from a perspective of we are all just figuring it out. We are all relatable, and in this together. I really have begun to enjoy each CXC email I get, even look forward to them, and that is probably the first time I have ever felt that way about email/


san francisco CA


Great thoughts. Informative. Insightful. Educational. Inspirtationa. lots of great recommendations and discoveries contained within this world. Definitely a life enhancer and definitely not a time suck.




What does teamwork mean to you? A team can be represented a group of the same or different expertises. What are the differences between the teamwork in the reality and your ideal one?


Bangkok, Thailand


Reminds me that creativity has to be prioritised. Inspires me by the way its written. It's real. There's no marketing, no sales. It actually feels like connecting with a real, whole person. Not a curated part of one. Even though, of course, by its nature, that's still what it is. It's like good late night wine chats with an interesting person.


Brisbane, Australia


The inbox was not really the first placed I'd imagined to find myself in at the crack of dawn but it's become a safe haven. CC is uncluttered requires no adjoining tech and is honest.

I feel like I've found that group of friends that usually take at least a decade to develop reasonable trust, raw & honest insight and valuable responses from in under a month.

Thank you for taking the time to share.


Blantyre, Malawi


Creative Caffeine is a community of creatives that encourage and uplift each other. Its a location for sharing your thoughts about living a creative life. Where you can share advice and get advice on how to better yourself all around or in niche areas.

Nate Hutcheson



I've unsubscribed from pretty much everything except for this. It always feels personal and relevant, and it makes me feel less alone, because it reminds me often that there are others out there, all over the world, fighting the good, creative fight.

Amanda Truscott

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada


Creative Caffeine is the caffeine break for the mind. It stops you going through the motions of everyday and gives you an opportunity to think. Really think, and only think. The honesty of the writing and the simplicity of the format makes it feel like you are reading the e-mail of a friend. I love it.


Istanbul, Turkey


Creative Caffeine is inspiring. I love the musings and appreciate the latest issue, which had multiple links on how to use creativity to earn a living without selling your soul.


Orlando FL


If you're tired of the "gurus" telling you the same things in different ways, none of which are the balms you seek, look no further. David cuts through the noise and delivers a signal that many are too deaf to understand. He dives deeper into the squishy underbelly and writes what everyone believes, but can't find the validation to confirm.


New York


There's a logical reason why trusting your gut it's a good decission. It's your ancient brain claiming for atention on a survival matter. Anyway, who cares about neurones when we're speaking about feeling miserable but rational? Nobody but neuroscientists. Facing the collateral damages, that's all, not taking action after a decision. Dealing with your family's dissapointment, with failures "everybody could've seen in advance". Your rage, your thrilling sensation, that's entirely for you. So go for it. Life is much shorter than paths


Madrid, Spain. Europe


I love Creative Caffeine for the unique stories and insights it brings into my inbox. It's a lovely break from the normal marketing spiel of some other newsletters.




Creative Caffeine is a refreshing breather in a busy inbox, reminding me to take stock and think deeply. David shares his creativity and inspiration in an engaging and warm way, and the responses he shares from other readers is creating a lovely community.

Caitlin H-T

Brighton, UK


Musings of a creative mind, that's what I think of when I think of Creative Caffeine. And that is a good thing. CC to me is everything that we think about as creative individuals, but we don't normally talk about. So it's a breath of fresh air. I'm able to relate with someone, as an artist, that lives halfway around the world. It isn't just me thinking this, or it isn't just me experiencing this. Love the concept.


Arlington, VA


Creative Caffeine, as the name suggests, is truly a high-power shot of creativity for those who need some inspiration. The newsletter never fails to amaze me. Like, today, I learned about a new Pinterest-like app that shares ideas instead of pictures. Thanks, David, for sharing this!




I get alot of emails, newsletters, people who want to "motivate" me. Your emails are authentic, worthwhile & so far I am actually opening them. It takes great skill to write succinctly & motivate people with out smelling like a huckster. You are accomplishing this fact!


Tucson Az


CC is that jolt into my brain that exposes me to the new, incites me with the future, and inspires me to action today. Consider me buzzed.

Chris McAlister



I look forward to CC emails because it's the kind of email that you know has a human behind it.
It's hard to describe, but I guess after the content that David shares, the thoughts he pours into his newsletters, hits home for me, like needing to remember to stop and look up from my laptop and readjust my eyes to natural skylight, instead of just my screen monitor.

Or pausing to take a breather and stretch my legs, while going through the compilation of replies he gets from similar artists from all around the world that 'gets it.'

Liyana Jamili

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia


I love love love that you aren't trying to force me down a sales funnel. I love love love it(is that redundant? redundant?) You have a refreshing take on things designy (yep thats a word) As a freelancer I enjoy your perspective and really appreciate that you send emails including feedback from your readers (I was the reader desperately missing my local java joint) I have unsubscribed from almost everyone in an effort to tame my inbox but your email is a refreshing change from the norm. Thank you from the bottom of my .....mug

Suzanne Fleurbaaij

Rural Alberta, Canada (very...very rural)


I actually *love* reading these emails whenever I see them in my Inbox (unlike almost everything else in there, which I do my best to avoid for as long as possible!). David's take on life is a refreshing change from the standard trite rubbish everyone else trots out. So if you would prefer to receive email which is authentic, real, and from the heart - as though written by a good friend who has your back - then Creative Caffeine is for you. You will likely find yourself saying out loud, 'Oh, that's me too' while reading!

Clare C



I'm not the kind of person that writes reviews, 'cause i'm not very good with words, but CC has thouched my mind as well as my heart. Every day i spend too much time reading stuff online i do not need or care about — CC is the only reading that i truly enjoy and that makes my brain work. It also makes me feel... lighter? It's a soothing experience. I just wanted to write this down and to say 'thank you'.


Milan, Italy


An infrequent and much-anticipated dose of unconventional inspiration. A way to glean insight from, and reach out to, the millions of creative minds that pass us by daily.

I mean, in a sense CC should be for everyone, because I wish everyone read it! But I suppose it's most fitting for those who are already creatives, in the loosest sense of the word. Human beings who see the world through a unique, malleable viewpoint.


Hong Kong


Creative Caffeine is for you if you're a questioner. You're a thinker, quietly curious, these emails will give you pause and make you think. Def one of my favorite emails.


Winnipeg, Mb, Canada


Creative Caffeine is one of the emails that I always open. I love finding out what’s on David’s mind - it tends to be meaningful, insightful, and bigger than the day-to-day. David is real, curious, generous, and doesn’t pretend to have all of the answers. So grateful to be a part of it.




I love receiving steaming mugfuls of Creative Caffeine from you David! I really love the way you think. You make so much sense. I feel as if I were a closet creative and through receipt of the ideas and inspirations you share, my real life isolation is alleviated and I’m soothed by the reminders that I’m far from alone. I feel like Creative Caffeine is for those who don’t care how “it’s always been done” because they’re aware of the details of this environment now and present to what’s special that can be overlapped and interwoven to form brand new bridges across cognitive chasms to fresh, new realms of concepts and processes. Does that sound anything like you?


San Francisco Bay Area


This will take you a little bit deeper every day, it will resonate hard and challenge you. It will give you advice, inspire you to be even more creative (or maybe just to be yourself) and it will connect you.


Somerset, UK


This list is one of the only lists that I actually look forward to receiving mail from. It's a pleasant surprise in my inbox that seems more like a wonderful letter from a close long term friend, than the ramblings of a distant stranger. It is a breath of fresh air in a world that feels all too stale the last few years and a refreshingly honest series of communication. Best of all, it removes that feeling of loneliness that can set in for anyone who works alone in a creative environment for too long and forgets that there are many others out there doing similar work sharing similar beliefs.


Massachusetts (US)


It's the pause moment in the day. Perfect for people who are aiming high, but maybe have short attention spans or need a moment to remember what's important. It makes you feel like maybe, just maybe you are part of a revolution that is stepping away from the battery hen version of business and work, and into a holistic walk through life.




I love getting little nuggets of wisdom in bite size chunks in my email box. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, or else unmotivated, I can ponder David's thoughts. Instead of marketing talk aimed at getting me to do what they want to do, his thoughts are presented as that - his thoughts, that I can consider or disagree with or find inspiration in. It doesn't feel false to me.


New Zealand


The emails always seem to come exactly when i need them
this weeks subject is what i am going through this week! whether or not to quite



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