I first learned it building Lego sets. I had a huge collection. Thousands of pieces, instructions, existing creations, and supplies to create additions of my own choosing.I would build the set piece by piece to get it fully complete.

The world was for me to shape, manipulate, and re-imagine.

Letting go

I first learned it at summer camp at the high dive which looked taller than anything I'd ever seen. You can't bear releasing your grip on the board, plunging through the air and into the water below. Will you be taken care of or will you perish?

Instead, you're thrilled. you learn new emotion, part excitement and part fear.In fact, without the fear, there's no thrill.

You’ve got to close your eyes and jump.


We track our habits, our sleep, our performance. We apply big data and Ai to strategic thinking to create outcomes and reduce risk.We build tools, roads, robots, computers, all which let us apply control as extensions of our minds.

Precision electronics, robotic arms for surgery, GPS tracker and satellites.

When the earth's climate shifts, we apply science and control to put it back on track.

Everything is to be bent to our minds will given enough thinking and enough application.

And so the pendulum has swung towards the intellect.
The scientist over the philosopher.

Until we’re too stuck in our own heads and then...

We use vices to give us a release.

Why do you think Burning Man has so much appeal? Heading into the desert without the constrictions of society.You take a pill, drink, smoke, go to that concert, maybe even break the law, in a sense to let go and surrender. To break the bounds of control and fall backward. To allow for things to unfold and float down the river.

Some go too far in one direction or the other, like the“control freak” or the“flower child.”I envy the letting-go types who don’t feel the need to insert their will into the world or any given situation. But where that leads them… is often that they’ve drifted too far.

As Wayne Dyer says,“We’re doomed to make choices.”

The world is complex, and there's always a bigger fish exerting their form of control if you allow them. Or maybe it's you that's caught up with a grip on things. And there's a lot unknown. Those who release to the moment don't have it all wrong, and trying to force something into existence can often leave you shallow instead of whole.

So life is about striving for the middle ground.Take action, often, and then allow.

Create, but lose the grip on expectations, which to the controlling artist are a form of fuel.

Instead, best to look for places to swim where you’re going with the current instead of against it.

Massive action, and non-expectation.

Control and Release.

XX David