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Community is About Going Somewhere Together

David Sherry
1 min read
Community is About Going Somewhere Together

When communities form online, it has little to do with their physical location, race, background or education.

Instead communities gather based on a shared vision for who they want to be.

The creator: artist, group or brand are leading and unifying this shared vision through content.

It happens in politics and it happens in punk rock.

So a community is about going somewhere, together.‍

And to build community means to stand up first with a new vision. You’re raising the bar for what’s possible, and you’re giving people the space to grow.

By putting up a flag you attract people to your beacon.

By creating a space you’re connecting the disconnected.‍

Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, The Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela all raised the bar for what we can expect of ourselves.

They set a new standard, shared a new vision, sparked change in others by first sparking change in themselves.

Next time you think about your project, product, album... ask yourself what the vision is for who we will all be in the end.‍

Followings occur when you’re taking us somewhere we aspire to go.

xx David

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