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Communicating your Message

David Sherry
2 min read

The Audience (~90%)

This is your largest demographic by far and makes up the bulk of your email list, your followers on social media, the readers of your blog. This group has found you because of your communication. And more specifically, because they align with your belief system about your business, your products, the market, or just their general way of looking at the world.

Ever wonder why "Manifestos" work? They signal your beliefs and catch the eyes of those scanning for a unique perspective.

They sign up, subscribe, follow and read because they align with you. What you say, how you see, and the perspective you bring that shows them the future...

When speaking to them... ask yourself:

Am I communicating my unique perspective? Do I have an opinion here?

This is how you start the movement...

The Client (%10)

These are your buyers, customers, supporters. They believe in what you say so much, that they buy from you. But, that's only because you provide them with some type of utility value. They believe your stories, and they want to take action on that belief by using your product to improve their life or their work.

The middle wants to hear about utility updates. Tell them about new features, speak with them about how they can have an easier time getting the job done. Sure, they appreciate your perspective, but not as much as how you can help them forward...

When communicating with them... ask yourself:

How am I helping them get the job done with less friction because of this message? Is this helping them take action?

It's essential to learn to package and sell your value.

The Devoted (1%)

They've subscribed to your beliefs. They've bought your product. Now, they want to connect and get closer to the source of all of that. This group makes up your close-knit community members. They attend your meetups, hire your for consulting, connect you with others in their network. They are here because they want
, not just utility and new perspectives. It'd be easy to see this smallest group as lower value, but it's quite the opposite. These are the members that would cross the street for you, so connect. Be there for them.

They are the long tail.

Ask yourself: How am I supporting their connection to the brand, and to others in the community?

The best leaders unite the community amongst themselves. Great brands unite the like-minded, sparked by leadership that stands up with a new message for a better future.


The days of artists being an opaque "Cool" are over. The Hollywood celebrities that keep the mystique going are being forgotten. It's communication (in all forms) that builds this trust and connects the disconnected.

We want to hear your point of view, understand what makes you tick, attend the show and then go backstage and spend time. Sometimes in that order.

The best artists move with genuine interest and build their eye for communicating through experience. Your eye develops by taking risks and communicating early and often.

Understand what makes your audiences tick but always trust your gut...

Happy communicating,

xx David