“I find it difficult to stay motivated to daily challenges”

“I'm struggling to find the time to stay motivated and focused to work on furthering and growing my design career outside of my day job”

“I’m in a transition – I built my company but now I feel trapped in it, or I don’t know where to go next...”

You’re restless, stuck, and wondering if this is as good as it gets. As part of my work with SightShift, I coach leaders in how to transform their mindsets, accelerate their productivity, and improve their craft.

One-on-one coaching that helps you find your center of gravity so you can face any situation with strength.

You’ve bought programs, books, forced new habits… gone to the conferences… 

But things aren’t working like they used to. You have difficulty engaging with your work in a healthy, positive and excited way. The motivation that kicked things off for your business, or your project has died and you don't know what to do next.

The real fear is you're not living up to your potential.

That your missing opportunity, and making mistakes with the big decisions out of fear. 

In a loving way, I help my clients set the bar higher for themselves in their work.

Deep down you know you're motivated and capable, but those beliefs aren't translating, so there is a disconnect.

As your guide,  I’ll help you see where things got stuck, tangled, and how to find clarity and ease again to pursue your work in a reliable way with confidence.

We’ll go deep and wide, and we’ll have discussions that you can’t typically have with anyone else about who you are and how you work.

The outcome being clarity on how you can uniquely be reliably motivated, undistracted, self-confident and productive.

12 weeks, 12 Discussions and hands on skill building.

● Become confident in the face of any difficult relationship or situation.

● Stay focused and motivated with new practices and strategies.

● Increase you and your productivity without increasing stress.

Reduce anxiety by closing open loops.

● Develop awareness and clarity to build great teams for life and work.

● Build momentum in every category of your life.

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"With David's help I've been able to identify my sweet spot in my business. I highly recommend David as your coach if you're wondering, "where does my business go from here?"

–– Alex Barker, Speaker/Author and Founder of Happy Pharma MD

"If you're looking for someone to help you grow your brand get clarity on things like Marketing, but do it in a way that are in line with who you are, there's no better guy than David."

–– Azul Terronez, TED Speaker and Author.

While the branding feedback and strategy is super helpful, it's the non-judgmental accountability that has made the biggest impact. I've gone from being quietly protective of my work to creating and sharing in the open.

–– Max Joles, Designer and Web Architecture Specialist.

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I'll help all I can, and we'll see if it's a fit.