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Change Happens

David Sherry
1 min read

Isn't that the truth?

Whether we like it or not, things change. Life moves, and it's dynamic in such a way that its complexities keep the wheels of time turning. And just as we get oh so comfy in our seat at the table the sand starts to shift.

We seek stable ground.

But sometimes that keeps us holding onto what we've got even though it's expiring. The tighter we hold the more sand starts to slip through our grasp and...

There's always another patch of earth to stand on, but still, we delay.

We're too comfortable where we're at and too scared to let go.

Because who will we be on the other side?

The brave ones, they make the leap early and often.

Others make the leap begrudgingly, somewhere along the way.

And some hold on to the bitter end.

But here's what we know, and we know this from past experiences...

Everything that was bad at some point turns good. The rough start at work, the challenge speaking on stage, the difficulty of starting a daily writing habit...

All of the good stuff comes after a transition: We fear the decision, we fear after we make the decision, and then we look back and say, "I'm so grateful that happened" – for all the growth and all the learning, and being on the edge.

What's known is dead, what's unknown is alive. We walk the same path every day, repeat the same patterns and it's all a blur, it's missed, paid no attention and the days go by.

Suddenly when we're somewhere new, we're someone new, and everything is alive. Like when we travel, a life with new experiences is rich with scenery, presence, and new learning.

It takes courage to jump on cue, but maybe not?

Maybe it just takes looking back, and seeing how when we delayed, we delayed the inevitable.

And why delay, when life has more transitions for you ahead if you just get through this one?

Going through as many transitions as you can.

Isn't that the point?

‍xx David