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CC – How Do I Find New Clients?

David Sherry
3 min read

Member Question:  Hi everyone, I’m feeling stuck in a bit of a dip. I’m two years full-time into my business, a drone video company - shooting tv and car commercials, having worked for other companies previously and have hit a point where I have used-up all of my industry contacts and clients, I have a few good new clients but now don’t know where to get new leads from.

Background: We don’t have any issue getting repeat business from our clients once they use us but coming up with ideas of where to market and network to get our foot in the door is doing my head in!

–– Cinematic Motion, Based on Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

Reply to Cinematic Motion with your ideas! (

Thanks for your question, I think this is a problem that many people are also working through, so thanks for bringing it to our attention. There is no one answer, but there are some things you should consider and think about (not necessarily just “go do.”)


What is the indicator?

The idea is to understand, "At what point in time is it that someone has a need arise for your service?"

And then map this out.

This allows you to have a considerate sales process.

No one wants to be sold to about something they don't want.

But people are happy to purchase something that they know on some level they need help on, right now.

So the question is, at which stage does a business who hires you start to feel an immediate need to hire someone like yourself? When does the problem arise?

These moments or these "indicators" are a threshold that you can observe a potential client cross over.

This is the moment that they start to have a problem, and are most happy to have someone like you show up.

Let's say you're a logo and branding agency. Your specialty is helping classic brands transform and update to become more modern.

Might it be that on the anniversary of the brand (10 years, 20 years, 30 years?) is a time where you can help them, with consideration of their heritage and identity, to update their brand to become more modern?

The indicator in this example is around the anniversary or milestone of a brand, and your specialty is helping them evolve while staying true to themselves. You know a client is a fit because you know when and what their problem is.

Or, say you're a PR and Photography firm that helps new restaurants that open spread the word.

Can you obtain a listing of new builds so that you're always on top of who's putting up a new restaurant? The indicator is the moment someone puts a payment down on a location.

Even better, could you make a website that reviews and shares only the newest restaurants in the city?

For ex... "At  we give you the inside scoop of which restaurant will pop up in Austin next. Sign up for exclusive invites to pre-opening meals, and be the first to taste what's fresh in Austin."

Now suddenly businesses who are new reach out to you. And then you can tell them about your PR, Photography and event planning opportunities with you.

List what clients you don't want.

I would, say, list out maybe 5 things that I’m not looking for in a client, based on past experiences.

If you’re tracking a particular type of bird in the woods, it's best to silence out all the other noises and calls to hear just that one.

That way you can focus your attention and tune out the noise to only the calls that matter to you.

I know this sounds like I’m talking about old business instead of new business, but I’m hoping to help you tune your awareness only towards new business.

You build a sense about who is a fit,  where, and when.

And then you see opportunities because they are clear to you, now that you're not paying attention to everything else.

This is a huge topic so this is just a start, but maybe other CC members have ideas to hit reply and share!

xx David