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Caffeine Conversations

David Sherry
1 min read

What if there was a space to talk about the ONE thing that's been on your mind for so long that you've thought about it more than any other person?

What if you were able to share about that which you've thought about all of the time, but doesn't come up often in common conversations?

In this new series, Caffeine Conversations, I'm asking my favorite set of coaches, business leaders, and creators the one question they've never been asked before.

The first conversation in this series is with Kirat Randhawa – Kirat is a contemplative mentor and meditation teacher.

In this episode, we hear more about her perspective on her journey to navigating life with more ease.

You'll see both the edited 10-minute episode as well as the and lightly edited long-form conversation on any of the players listed. I hope you feel like you're right there with us, and that I'm able to introduce you to a variety of interesting new people and perspectives along the way.

xx David