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Becoming Non-Fungible

David Sherry
1 min read

While the internet allowed any media to be infinitely copied and spread at a near free price (think of Memes, for example), the Blockchain gives us the ability to do the opposite.

Finally, we can have true digital scarcity.

Non-Fungible means, not-interchangeable, and Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT's are at the core of the innovation happening today in media.

More broadly, it feels like competition for attention as drastically increased. After the pandemic, online usage and attention has only increased, and its left both people and brands wondering how they can possibly stand out.

As individuals, and brands – our work is to become non-fungible.

If our product or our offer was to disappear tomorrow, could it be easily replaced?

What this means is that we're rewarded for the exact opposite of fitting in. It's only at the edges where you stand out.

Tesla's Cybertruck, for example, understood this. Your only chance at winning in the market is differentiation.

I remember reading a study from OK Cupid that said people who intentionally showed off their least favorite traits about themselves in their photos, were more likely to get messages about going on dates.

It seems owning our imperfections makes us human. And

Owning your "different" is uncomfortable because it means embracing a new and untested style of action – where the rewards go to the weird, the risky and imperfect.

It means hiring people who won't just do the job, they'll add something new to it.

I believe each one of us, each human is irreplaceable. And each one of us has a unique point of view to share through our work.

The question is whether or not we embrace our differences and contribute them to the market which is desperately looking for them.