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Becoming Emotionally Dynamic.

David Sherry
1 min read

As artists, we have access to a wide range of the emotional spectrum through which we can tap into.

Great art can be created from passion and energy and it can be created from sadness or grief.

But get too stuck on either side, in the passion, or in the self-destructive, and we lose our dynamism.

And so creating art is a balance of emotions.

It's the full range that is the set of colors and paints. But without the complementary sides, the work suffers.

Because art is about connecting to the human experience.

And the full human experience exists in the full range.

What we're to do then, is to maintain a balance. To remember not to return to the same paint for every creation.

And this is the hardest part: To allow the part of you that you fear or keep quiet to show up and express itself.

To reach a full state of dynamic art that connects with people – we must reach in ourselves a full state of dynamic feelings that we can experience and then translate to those around us.

xx David

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