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Artist Therapy

David Sherry
3 min read

Here’s a cheesy email to hit your inbox.

I really care about this newsletter community and all of the responses I get every week. Apologies if I take awhile to respond. I do read every one.

I also want to share a bit more over the next few weeks about what I’m up to and a bit more of my story. I feel like while I’ve written a lot to you (I think like 300+ posts over the last year or so) but I’ve also been sort of mysterious.

This isn’t strategic, mind you.

In fact, I’ve been hiding from sharing things I probably should just share. This isn’t a place to hold back. But maybe I’m so far on the other side of the “promote yourself online” camp that it’s also a problem?

I recently realized that you’re not giving people an opportunity when you don’t actually express yourself. After all, when someone asks “what do you do?” Often it’s to their benefit.

They want to know, so they know if you can help them out! Also sharing our story matters. Many of you have been sharing yours with me by email.

So I’ll share more personal story later.

But here’s a few things I’m up to...

  1. I’m now more in an advising role at Death to Stock and have shifted my role to that more akin to an investor. I’m also actively seeking other startups to advise. This year I’m hoping to write a second baby investment cheque (felt like using that spelling) in a company, and my long term vision is to continue to advise and invest in companies I feel like are doing amazing work, with me simply being there to support through time/energy/money, whatever.
  2. My obsession with the Crypto space is still basically in full swing, my ~3-5 year plan is to develop a deep knowledge and portfolio in the space. I love it, it’s exciting, and it’s so intellectually stimulating I have to keep boundaries on my time for when I read/develop my thinking there.
  3. I’ve got two different coaching programs that I’ve had amazing clients and results. The first is 1-1 coaching for creators/leaders who want to build a really strong ability for developing sustainable success in their work.

Here are some quotes from people I've spent time with:

  • With David's help I've been able to identify my sweet spot in my business”
  • I've gone from being quietly protective of my work to creating and sharing in the open.”
  • “when you wrote that first email inviting people into your Community program, I enrolled in that.
    Then when you sent the email about adding in a group/coaching component to the Community program, I signed up for a call and then we got rolling from there… I could see that you lead from a place in which I am called to be.

If you are interested in coaching, I should have space open up in November.

Please hit reply or book a call with this link to discuss. Our first meeting is me just helping anyways and getting to know one another. It’s no pressure.

But since I love you and I want to help – Friday is now Free #ArtistTherapy.

On certain Friday’s I will open my calendar for what I’m calling #ArtistTherapy.

There are 6 spots over the next 3 weeks you can grab.

You can book time if you need help or are working through something, and there are a few per week.

I’ll be there to non-judgmentally help you raise the bar and figure out what’s best for you (I don’t give advice, I listen and provide the right space for you to solve things on your own). It’s sorta like the teach a person to fish type thing…

If you can invest in the 1-1 coaching, I highly recommend that though.

It’s 12 weeks of dedicated 1-1 time in a structured program. We go deep, and it’s a place for those looking for that type of commitment to growth.

If the 1-1 is out of your price range then you can book time on Friday for #ArtistTherapy.

Anyways, I'm not asking for favors. I know you're not either. Timing is an interesting thing. And when your'e ready the right people show up to help.

xx David