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Action vs. Reaction

David Sherry
1 min read

The way to get more done isn’t to add more hours.

Or insert "x" new productivity hack into your life.

It is to stay free from the time commitments and interests of others. To avoid being swept up into the sea of expectations and interests.

Each day, we function from one or two places.

We act on our own accord, setting in motion an activity which changes the fabric of our world.

Or we react, we respond to the web of life around us as it shifts from someone else’s doing.

We react to the ripples of someone else's stone cast, as they arrive on our shore.

Those whose ripples flow strongest and captures the most people wield the biggest influence.

Even at the highest level; the news is one giant reaction to the casual thought, the cast aside tweet of a president or celebrity.

Thousands reacting from a distant ripple, often inconsequential…

Even at the highest level; to use social media is to play a small role, a small piece of the act for the play of a small few who reap such large benefits.

A new feature that you use has been added based on a small few, who now impact millions.

This feature which has captured more of your time has been introduced by their agenda, not yours.

This isn’t a discussion about what’s right or wrong.

Rather, what is effective and what is ineffective.

We react because it is easier to react.

It is easier to follow an agenda than to set one.

It is easier to say yes than to say no.

Because a yes requires only accepting the terms given.

Whereas a “No” often means defining your own terms.

We cannot wait for the ripples of others to shift our life into place.

The truth about how progress is made is that it can only be made by taking action of your own accord.

This is why ONE person can change an entire industry, not just once but multiple times.

This is why THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, react to this one.

Why this one sets the agenda, and the others follow.

Why this ONE points to the moon.

And millions debate their finger.

xx David