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David Sherry
1 min read

All of my growth leads me to see more clearly.

And I as I see more clearly...

The more I see abstractions.

Each of us was born and raised on stories.

Stories of famous people, stories of our family, stories from movies.

Each story is an abstraction, an anecdote about how the world works.

And these anecdotes aren’t necessarily true. In fact most of them aren't, or at best they are situational.

They were true, at one time, maybe. Like how your grandfather built his business then, which isn’t the same as today.

The were fictional; like how Disney uses the narrative and journey of the hero, the villain and the Love interest.

Or they were jus simply an abstraction of what truly happened: Like the story of Christopher Columbus, the story of Steve Jobs, or the story of Tiger woods.

Abstractions are useful, as are stories.

We use them to navigate the world properly.

The problem of course, is when we believe in an abstraction that isn't serving us.

And so I believe the job of our lives is to untangle and wipe away the abstractions as best as we can. Like wiping dirt from a mirror.

Not so we can escape them,

But so that we can see something clearly for the first time.

Because If we can see clearly, we can choose which abstractions to believe in.

Instead of them being chosen for us.

xx David