Hey, I'm David. I Founded Death to Stock, Write the CC Newsletter, and advise Artists and Business Owners on Marketing and Communication.

In 2013, I founded Death to Stock.

We produce 100's refreshing photo and video campaigns to share with over 500,000+ creatives from around the world.

Today, I work with people and brands to build genuine and generous communication. My writing is about the edges of our personal expression. I'm heavily influenced by the work of Seth Godin and Kevin Kelley with some type of Spiritual 🌌 leader in between.

My uniform is LOT.
My mood board is Arena.
My investments are in NEW MONEY.
My home is Santa Monica🌴

Communication is at the heart of any relationship.

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More about my story from an interview with Matt D'Avella

Brand Mantras (2019)

1. Show, don’t tell.

2. Hold strong values and travel with them like a passport.

3. Stream your strategy directly to your community. PR is a distortion filter that waters down your message.  

4. Show Proof of Supply Chain.

5. Protect your Customers.

6. Aesthetic advantages are diminishing. Instead, design for user experience.

7. A great product changes its customers. Take responsibility for this. Combat user loneliness through community infrastructure and support.

8. Decentralize where possible.

9. Make Data Collection Explicit. Ask questions. Think of how a chef asks “Do you have any food allergies?” “Do you like spicy?" Data is used to help the customer, not to help you.


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"It's thoughtful, well-written, and I can't recommend it enough for people who are just tired of gimmicks on the Internet." 



"I love getting little nuggets of wisdom in bite size chunks in my email box. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, or else unmotivated, I can ponder David's thoughts. Instead of marketing talk aimed at getting me to do what they want to do, his thoughts are presented as that - his thoughts, that I can consider or disagree with or find inspiration in. It doesn't feel false to me."


New Zealand

"If you're tired of the "gurus" telling you the same things in different ways, none of which are the balms you seek, look no further. David cuts through the noise and delivers a signal that many are too deaf to understand. He dives deeper into the squishy underbelly and writes what everyone believes, but can't find the validation to confirm."


New York

Hey, I'm David. I built the Death to the Stock Photo email list to 500k+ email subscribers without advertising. CC is my creative outlet for writing what I notice about brand building, being an artist and discovering what makes you unique.