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A Quick and Incomplete Work History

David Sherry
1 min read

Try and create a custom, pocket bike-lock, attempt to raise funding, fail

Work in catering, determined to not do this forever, succeed.

Try and start an internship website, not that serious about it, fail.

Start working with PR/Branding studio, think I can do freelance on my own, do that for a year. mostly fail.

Pitch businesses to be their photographer/content creator, fail.

Pitch people on subscribing to get photography free by email, succeed.

Have those people switch from subscribing for free to paying, succeed.

Grow it global, and into a sustainable business, succeed.

Try and bring on a new co-founder, fail.

Run two crowdfunding campaigns, succeed.

Hire a friend, fire friend, fail.

Try and run a third crowdfunding campaign, fail.

Get Shingles from stress, fail.

Move to LA, change everything about how I work and my relationship with myself and others, reading books and meeting with mentors, drastically reducing my stress and improving creativity in the process, succeed.

Start writing a newsletter about it…(?)

xx David