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A Brand is...(2)

David Sherry
1 min read

A brand is a story of becoming.
Each Apple keynote writes a new chapter for us to read.

A brand is built from a conceptual vision of a desired state of being.
A product is a stepping stone to that vision. Space X is not about rockets, it’s about living on
Mars and becoming a space oriented species.

A brand is a suggestion of a new want.
Cultures change based on new wants, and products perceive these wants as they search for product-market fit.

A brand is elusive.
“Just do it” is a powerfully vague statement about what we want.

A brand is a membership to a club.
Superhuman Email costs $40 a month to join the club. There’s a reason people keep it in their email signature.

A brand shapes how we relate to other people.
Members connect more easily than non-members.

A brand shapes how we see ourselves.
A Rolex is a symbol of who you believe you’ve become.

A brand is a fantasy that shapes our reality.
Brands are structures that we create to test our limits and understand ourselves. They are a canvas for our unfiltered desires and dreams, which we shape, and are shaped by. Whether personal, professional, or a product. A great brand is a mirror that it’s creator looks into every day.

What we see is our story. Oprah built a brand of who she wished to be long before she was famous.

And then one day that wish was reality.

xx David